Wednesday, 14 January 2015


its been ages i supposed since i am posting my last story. my last post were the story of me being a one six girl. the truth is that was about two years ago as i am now no longer a kid. yeah, i am now being an alumni of Le'best. my life nowadays were just boring. what could you think? i am now ' penggangur terhormat'. my other friends out there might using this opportunity to do part time work but me? i am just 'ternak lemak'. being at home, ALONE is just boring. i could not figure out what i am suppose to do as making my life as a girl waiting for the result more fun. i am just stuck here having a miserable day. the time just flee damn too fast. i could not believing that i am no longer a student. yeah, back then before i could just not wait to graduate from the school. but now, it kind of different story as i was really missing the moment i being at school; having classes during weekend, went for solat in surau, having fun with my peers. its just the moment that i would treasured it well i supposed, since being a student in Le'best for almost 5 years are the moment i learnt about being grow up. it might not a complete process of learning but it just a good step to make my journey. 
i guess that what my entry are supposed about.  that all, thank you.. really love to have a feedback. sorry for my grammar. :D

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