Monday, 21 November 2016

It;s Already NOVEMBER

It's already November. The time flee too fast. Yeah, soon 2016 will come to an ending and it's about time i would end this semester and proceed for practical. So, this semester might be the last time my friends and i together. It is quite upsetting since we would far apart and who knows when would we gather around again and for the next year i would be in two series. I'm wonder, what have i already achieve for my life and all i need to be better than i was yesterday. Like we would always heard that no need to look back your past because life never meant to be traveled backwards, what bygone be bygone.  This semester has just started like a week and it quite nice so far since my housemates this semester are my close friends so it quite nice to have their company since it's not awkward like i used before. thanks to Allah for that. 

quote of the day

" be happy, do not let the sadness destroy you. say Alhamdulillah on everything that happens to you"

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing lasts forever. yeah, that's true. Everything in this world are none of them lasts forever. They will die, fade and forgotten. 11.09.2016, the day i lost my father. I don't really know what kind of moment and memories that i had with him for my nineteen years old life. Why? It just complicated. But still, he was my father and he was gone. Normally people would moping when their beloved died, but since i don't know really spent my time with him for my whole life being nineteen years old girl, i don't really know what my feeling are back then when his gone. Ungrateful child? that might what people thought about me since i don't cried back then. But still, you don't know the whole story and i bet you don't want to know the REAL story anyway. Because people would just like to judge others based on what they think, don't even mind about others story or feeling. right? 
Anyway, i still thanks my father because without him i would never even exist as me now. Even there lots of things that unspoken and solved but still thank you. I might have being yatim at the early moment when it never supposed to, but now i am truly am. Dear abah, may you rest in peace. There would never been grudges and regret till end even for those scar and wound that appear for me, mom and my little brother.   AL-FATIHAH
quote of the day:
" be grateful for small things, big things and everything in between"
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Sunday, 4 September 2016



Alhamdullillah. Praise to Allah for all His kindness giving me the opportunity to keep breathing. Syukran Ya Allah. i got nothing to do, obviously since most of the assignment had submitted. so here i am updating my blog. yeah, its already SEPTEMBER. I got lots of things to do for this September. i always excited about this month. why? WHY? should i tell you guys? hmmm, give me a seconds to think about it...





alright-alright, i guess i will share with you guys. today is Sunday which is the fourth of September.  which mean i'm going home soonnnnnn.. 
Yeah, for the first things about this month is, I'M GOING HOME....
yeah, i going home, it just about three days left being here in Tanjong Malim. I just can't wait for the day, it almost likes ages for not being home. i miss everything abut my home. my mom, my brother, my pets (cik ching and si gebu). i miss my fight with my brother, i miss my bed, i miss EVERYTHING, every single thing about my home. 
okay, second things is that i going home and i will  celebrating  HARI RAYA HAJI.. you know right, RAYA HAJI which one of the celebrations that us, muslim celebrate. about this hari raya is where people would do korban any kind of farm animal, then the meat from the animal would be contribute to others. at this time, my refrigerator would full with those meat and it would takes time to empty it. one things about this hari raya is people do good deeds with contribute the  meat to others especially those who need the most. with this kind of deed, we can strengthen the bonding of us.
next things is about ME. yeah, obviously about me. I'm gonna turn one nine this month. yeah, Allah bless me with His kindness giving me the opportunity to stay alive in this world, to stay with my dearest (mom, brother). anyway, i am glad that i am growing up till now. for almost nineteen years of my life, there's lots of things happened. even those things not all of it bring up the joy, but still that one of the reasons for who i am at this moment. honestly, for all  this time i am not that kind of person that revealed who i am really are. yeah, say me hypocrite. but still, it just that i am afraid to show the true me. not most of people around me know me (THE REAL ME). i do wonder, how do they react. i bet they would just left me behind at that moment. pretend that we never know each other. that the reason for me to conceal everything deep down in me. why? it just because... none of the valid reason anyway. But still, i never bother to show the true me, call me coward, but hey anyone would just be like me right? right? anyway, i just love be me. i do love myself even it might take time to really love myself at most of time. anyway, if i don't love myself who will right? so for me, its okay if it just you and you. because you never would turn your back on you. because its YOU.
 i guess, that would sum up everything. i beg your pardon for my languages and my writings. thank you for reading. wish you have a great day.
quote of the day:
"LOVE yourself,
LOVE your day,
LOVE your life "
 written by:

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Time Flee Fast

Alhamdulillah. praise to Allah for every sorrow and happiness for the time being. Yeah, time flee fast. I always wondering, what have i done for the being. This week is less hectic since almost all of the assignment submitted already since it is already week 11, i got only 2 weeks before final. its way to fast for me. Honestly, i kind of wore out for this semester, even for this semester we rarely out for doing assignment since we have two big project two settle and yeah we done it. Alhamdulillah. i think it might be because the assignment for this semester mostly need to create something. like create 2 book which are, one of it for activity book for children and another one for guideline for the teacher. it what make it worst- handmade that one for one subject and since for this semester i do have 6 subject. yeah, you guys could imagine right? how moping i am for those week spent? this semester is tough for me. obviously mentally and physically abused. 
But hey, its great though because those time spent for making memories, build up my not so competence self in doing things. Yeah, hardship make you grow. I do admit it. Anyway, tomorrow i do have another presentation, same goes for next week and for the last assignment e is " kajian kes". this one, i am only warming up. not the half way done. insane right? because it is quite tough task i guess and still not done half of it. Date line just around the corner. Seriously, my teammate and i insane. Might be because of all the task burden that we got till now. But hey, what do i expect anyway, there is no shortcut to pursue dream. so bear with it. stay positive. the storm will pass. just endure it for a while.  
i guess, i should stop here.  I don't know what to share anyway. If i keep typing, i might babbling about something that not even make sense. So please, do excuse me. Thank you for reading and stop by. Thank you for keep till the end for my not so great writing . Anyway, wishing you have a blast and may Allah bless on you. 
quote of the day
" Don't waste your time looking back at what you've lost. Move on, life is not meant to be traveled backwards"

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Monday, 8 August 2016



Alhamdullilah, thanks to Allah for giving the opportunity to still breathing. i am stuck right now, i am messed up. WHY? the reason? lots of assignment that need to be settled down. uwaa, i just thought i could not breath (yeah, what a drama queen i am, sue me) but, seriously, one settled down, then come again the new one. when would it come to end? i guess, when the final come. but glad to have them as my teammates. seriously, they are awesome.

so whats up with the tittle? once again, i want to shout out loud here, i am an INTROVERT girl. yeah seriously, i not good doing the approach and the first one to say something. that is totally me. but comes again, that when i don't really know someone, because i don't appreciate much about someone do intervene my PRIVACY. but when time flee and i found to be comfortable be with those people then i take another step to open up being me.. obviously it takes time, but thanks again for this moment, i have those people that i do consider that as friends. my friends here. i do bless to have them, thanks Allah for letting me know them. yeah, you do planned well even sometimes it was not what i expect, but at the end i do feel grateful. mistake do thought me a real lesson. stick to people who you know would bring something in you. the real you. no need to pretend or what so ever. they will stick with you even at worst when they are the true ones. it would takes time to identify the real ones, but it worth it. 

p/s: breathing and make memories. because at one times you would know that are the precious thing that ever happened to you. that the reason you live and the reason you grow. every memories even the bitter one would make who you real are. ~ just saying...

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Thursday, 4 August 2016



Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me the opportunity to stay alive. yeah, i am still breathing. anyway, once again you guys would need to keep your patience up high like a tower to stay in tact till the end post. yeah, i don't really know what kind of nonsense that i would share for this time. since the tittle said just appreciate those moment so i guess i want to share about my not so fun, no so great story. but hey, who knows once at a time those are the best part had happen to me. so here, i want to spill it out. nothing big deal i suppose, but nowadays, my life got totally out of control. with those assignment build up like a mountain (hyperbola, sue me), with all those hectic time make me felt depressed and moping. but along those time i do have fun, i think let the pictures tell the story because i kind of messed up in writing for now. 



 guess those are the moment that i should appreciate since it would never be replaced with money and even time flee, those moment would still be remembered as memories in my life. 

feel bless for having great friends and great memories to be remembered.

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Friday, 13 May 2016



Alhamdulillah. I praise Allah for giving me the opportunity to stay alive. yeah, it kind a very long time since the last post. it just that i am not a fond to spill everything anymore. for all the time, i learn to keep it all within my heart. no need to spill to anyone anymore. but yeah, along the time you need to spill it out if you want to keep your sanity right? the time flee to fast, my last post is about me being in new part of the world (university), and right now, i almost half of my journey pursuing my dream. 

a lot of things happening for those time i spent here. but whatever that happened, it is a memory, a lesson for me. it is a lie if i said i never hurt emotionally and physically for all those time. i had my bad, worst time spending here, but that what makes me open my eyes a little more. now i do realize, once you step your feet in this kind of world, you might hard to find someone that would sincere being your friends like those friends you have back the in school, because everyone tend to fill their own need (their own priority), but that okay, since i already know that.

here, i tend to keep it by my own. since it hard to give your trust to anyone. i have those friends when i am here. but the moment is short, because then i do realized we are not fit in well so we turned to be strangers once again. yeah, as for me, it is not others fault it just me that not really open up myself to others. even i do open it, not all about me would show. i am a secretive person i guess. so it hard for others to approach me. but the truth is, i am okay, that way make me feel better. i just don't know. i do prefer alone. being alone for me doesn't mean you are lonely, it just all you is your own company. yeah, weird right? those who read this might think i am insane, sad or miserable. think whatever you want, either me or you know each other right?

i just typing this post just for make my time spent well, since i just messed up my time watching movies, surfing internet and so on. i need to make my head lighter first so that i can focus on my revision. yeah, it is final. i just hope, i can bear all this worst part to moving and proceed for another part of my life. my puzzle is far from complete. i need to discover the pieces that scattered all around this world. sorry if reading my post wasting your time. thanks anyway for stay till the end. May Allah bless on you.

i don't want to throw the memories. i would keep it. but sorry to say i could not stay here forever. i need to move because i could not stick where i don't belong.

 p/s: everything gonna be okay just have a little faith. the pain will subside. just stay strong...

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