Friday, 13 May 2016



Alhamdulillah. I praise Allah for giving me the opportunity to stay alive. yeah, it kind a very long time since the last post. it just that i am not a fond to spill everything anymore. for all the time, i learn to keep it all within my heart. no need to spill to anyone anymore. but yeah, along the time you need to spill it out if you want to keep your sanity right? the time flee to fast, my last post is about me being in new part of the world (university), and right now, i almost half of my journey pursuing my dream. 

a lot of things happening for those time i spent here. but whatever that happened, it is a memory, a lesson for me. it is a lie if i said i never hurt emotionally and physically for all those time. i had my bad, worst time spending here, but that what makes me open my eyes a little more. now i do realize, once you step your feet in this kind of world, you might hard to find someone that would sincere being your friends like those friends you have back the in school, because everyone tend to fill their own need (their own priority), but that okay, since i already know that.

here, i tend to keep it by my own. since it hard to give your trust to anyone. i have those friends when i am here. but the moment is short, because then i do realized we are not fit in well so we turned to be strangers once again. yeah, as for me, it is not others fault it just me that not really open up myself to others. even i do open it, not all about me would show. i am a secretive person i guess. so it hard for others to approach me. but the truth is, i am okay, that way make me feel better. i just don't know. i do prefer alone. being alone for me doesn't mean you are lonely, it just all you is your own company. yeah, weird right? those who read this might think i am insane, sad or miserable. think whatever you want, either me or you know each other right?

i just typing this post just for make my time spent well, since i just messed up my time watching movies, surfing internet and so on. i need to make my head lighter first so that i can focus on my revision. yeah, it is final. i just hope, i can bear all this worst part to moving and proceed for another part of my life. my puzzle is far from complete. i need to discover the pieces that scattered all around this world. sorry if reading my post wasting your time. thanks anyway for stay till the end. May Allah bless on you.

i don't want to throw the memories. i would keep it. but sorry to say i could not stay here forever. i need to move because i could not stick where i don't belong.

 p/s: everything gonna be okay just have a little faith. the pain will subside. just stay strong...

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