Thursday, 15 September 2016

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing lasts forever. yeah, that's true. Everything in this world are none of them lasts forever. They will die, fade and forgotten. 11.09.2016, the day i lost my father. I don't really know what kind of moment and memories that i had with him for my nineteen years old life. Why? It just complicated. But still, he was my father and he was gone. Normally people would moping when their beloved died, but since i don't know really spent my time with him for my whole life being nineteen years old girl, i don't really know what my feeling are back then when his gone. Ungrateful child? that might what people thought about me since i don't cried back then. But still, you don't know the whole story and i bet you don't want to know the REAL story anyway. Because people would just like to judge others based on what they think, don't even mind about others story or feeling. right? 
Anyway, i still thanks my father because without him i would never even exist as me now. Even there lots of things that unspoken and solved but still thank you. I might have being yatim at the early moment when it never supposed to, but now i am truly am. Dear abah, may you rest in peace. There would never been grudges and regret till end even for those scar and wound that appear for me, mom and my little brother.   AL-FATIHAH
quote of the day:
" be grateful for small things, big things and everything in between"
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Sunday, 4 September 2016



Alhamdullillah. Praise to Allah for all His kindness giving me the opportunity to keep breathing. Syukran Ya Allah. i got nothing to do, obviously since most of the assignment had submitted. so here i am updating my blog. yeah, its already SEPTEMBER. I got lots of things to do for this September. i always excited about this month. why? WHY? should i tell you guys? hmmm, give me a seconds to think about it...





alright-alright, i guess i will share with you guys. today is Sunday which is the fourth of September.  which mean i'm going home soonnnnnn.. 
Yeah, for the first things about this month is, I'M GOING HOME....
yeah, i going home, it just about three days left being here in Tanjong Malim. I just can't wait for the day, it almost likes ages for not being home. i miss everything abut my home. my mom, my brother, my pets (cik ching and si gebu). i miss my fight with my brother, i miss my bed, i miss EVERYTHING, every single thing about my home. 
okay, second things is that i going home and i will  celebrating  HARI RAYA HAJI.. you know right, RAYA HAJI which one of the celebrations that us, muslim celebrate. about this hari raya is where people would do korban any kind of farm animal, then the meat from the animal would be contribute to others. at this time, my refrigerator would full with those meat and it would takes time to empty it. one things about this hari raya is people do good deeds with contribute the  meat to others especially those who need the most. with this kind of deed, we can strengthen the bonding of us.
next things is about ME. yeah, obviously about me. I'm gonna turn one nine this month. yeah, Allah bless me with His kindness giving me the opportunity to stay alive in this world, to stay with my dearest (mom, brother). anyway, i am glad that i am growing up till now. for almost nineteen years of my life, there's lots of things happened. even those things not all of it bring up the joy, but still that one of the reasons for who i am at this moment. honestly, for all  this time i am not that kind of person that revealed who i am really are. yeah, say me hypocrite. but still, it just that i am afraid to show the true me. not most of people around me know me (THE REAL ME). i do wonder, how do they react. i bet they would just left me behind at that moment. pretend that we never know each other. that the reason for me to conceal everything deep down in me. why? it just because... none of the valid reason anyway. But still, i never bother to show the true me, call me coward, but hey anyone would just be like me right? right? anyway, i just love be me. i do love myself even it might take time to really love myself at most of time. anyway, if i don't love myself who will right? so for me, its okay if it just you and you. because you never would turn your back on you. because its YOU.
 i guess, that would sum up everything. i beg your pardon for my languages and my writings. thank you for reading. wish you have a great day.
quote of the day:
"LOVE yourself,
LOVE your day,
LOVE your life "
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