Tuesday, 14 July 2015


first of all, i praise to Allah for every moment sorrow and joy that make me grow up. alhamdulillah. it's about time that i will go home. sedar tak sedar ramadan dah hampir ke penghujung dan syawal bakal tiba. and first time tahun ni rasa raya ku sangat simple. yelah dengan tak balik kampung pun lagi. for the first time i supposed going home for eid just about 2 days or 3 days before. time sekolah dulu seminggu sebelum raya dah selamat berkampung dekat rumah. persiapan bukan main. tapi sekarang aku rasa itu semua tak penting. seriously i don't even care how many pairs of the cloth, what is the theme colour, what kind of shoes, " sandal or flat shoe. scarf or what so ever. aku just beli jubah je sepasang tu pun sebelum sambung belajar. hari tu mak hantar gambar baju, and i was like, ikutlah. tak kesah. aku just rasa boleh gather with the family's member is more than enough. and this raya is kind of empty  every since there would be no more of my nenek. may Allah protect and ease her there. 

malam ni, in shaa Allah kalau tak ada apa-apa, selamat lah sampai terengganu. seriously rindu keluarga. rindu nak gaduh nge adik. yeah, that is the part i miss the most. even, we would fight but no matter what is, i love my brother so much since we are the siblings. and for my mom, i really miss her to the the moon and back, i miss her blabbering, her voice, yeah, the point is i miss everything in terengganu. the food, the culture, the moment, my friendss.. anyway, i feel sad somehow that the ramadan would say goodbye.why? because when i was here, ramadan is the only time when i could go to the mosque. since that would be the time where most of muslimat go. ever since before ramdan the number is just too "nice".  and we never know, would we meet the most barakah month next year. 

anyway, ramdan is not over yet, so do everything to make up the regrets later. use the time well. and do enjoy the syawal as it is our 'kemenangan' . anyway, may Allah bless us for every single good deed we have done. 

"even the pathway to you is kind of thorny, but please, do guide me ,Allah. i got no one else to ask except from you. please don't thrown away far from you. i need your hep, your guide to be the the better muslimat.."

Terima kasih kerana baca entry ini, jangan lupa datang lagi

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