Thursday, 4 August 2016



Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me the opportunity to stay alive. yeah, i am still breathing. anyway, once again you guys would need to keep your patience up high like a tower to stay in tact till the end post. yeah, i don't really know what kind of nonsense that i would share for this time. since the tittle said just appreciate those moment so i guess i want to share about my not so fun, no so great story. but hey, who knows once at a time those are the best part had happen to me. so here, i want to spill it out. nothing big deal i suppose, but nowadays, my life got totally out of control. with those assignment build up like a mountain (hyperbola, sue me), with all those hectic time make me felt depressed and moping. but along those time i do have fun, i think let the pictures tell the story because i kind of messed up in writing for now. 



 guess those are the moment that i should appreciate since it would never be replaced with money and even time flee, those moment would still be remembered as memories in my life. 

feel bless for having great friends and great memories to be remembered.

Terima kasih kerana baca entry ini, jangan lupa datang lagi

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