Thursday, 15 September 2016

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing lasts forever. yeah, that's true. Everything in this world are none of them lasts forever. They will die, fade and forgotten. 11.09.2016, the day i lost my father. I don't really know what kind of moment and memories that i had with him for my nineteen years old life. Why? It just complicated. But still, he was my father and he was gone. Normally people would moping when their beloved died, but since i don't know really spent my time with him for my whole life being nineteen years old girl, i don't really know what my feeling are back then when his gone. Ungrateful child? that might what people thought about me since i don't cried back then. But still, you don't know the whole story and i bet you don't want to know the REAL story anyway. Because people would just like to judge others based on what they think, don't even mind about others story or feeling. right? 
Anyway, i still thanks my father because without him i would never even exist as me now. Even there lots of things that unspoken and solved but still thank you. I might have being yatim at the early moment when it never supposed to, but now i am truly am. Dear abah, may you rest in peace. There would never been grudges and regret till end even for those scar and wound that appear for me, mom and my little brother.   AL-FATIHAH
quote of the day:
" be grateful for small things, big things and everything in between"
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